Different Dog Breeds and Their Personalities!

Dogs and their personalities!

Aside from the numerous family and friends’ dogs that I grew up with, my initial dog walking experience began, many years ago, with a labrador and a collie. Similar size, very different personalities! 

After walking both several times I finally got it. I mean really *GOT* it.

Two dogs, born at the same time, living in the same household. Two very different inherent traits. The labrador – a gorgeous bundle of farty adorableness. The collie – a cute furry ball of excitable  joy.

Walking and playing characteristics? An apple and a spanner have more in common. 

The lab will fetch a ball twice, receive a treat and then, bored with that game, trot off, bottom wiggling incessantly. Sniffing, rolling around in ‘lovely’ smelling fox …. ahem…. poo and plodding here and there are the general theme. Sometimes dashing off to investigate distant grass movement, generally contentedly marching serenely for the most part. 

The collie will stalk, throw herself down, eyes tracking intently. The object of her stares can be anything, she’s not fussy. A stick, a ball…. any procured walk item will do. The look of disappointed despair if you don’t (each time you wander past) engage is palpable (and a little bit heartbreaking!). If you walk past several times without picking up and throwing the muddy lump the stalked item will gradually make its way onto your obvious walking trail so you cannot possibly continue without joining in the fun.

Treats not required to play. Accepted, of course, but not essential for this seemingly endless game of interaction and engagement.

Why? How can two dogs be so different?

This article published https://www.britannica.com/animal/dog provides an interesting read to those considering a new addition. The PDSA website also provides detailed information for various breeds.

The conclusion? When excitedly researching a dog to bring into a household, it is common to coo over different puppy pictures and decide which bundle of love to bring home. Usually size and physical attributes being the key deciders. However, it’s just as important to look at the common traits, manner, temperament and requirements of each breed too!

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