Can you do cat sitting or other pet sitting visits to my home?

Yes, absolutely. All our pet sitting visits include feeding, cleaning and time spent providing companionship with your pet. We can also water plants, bring in post and undertake small household tasks if required. Get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

Can you give me updates on my pets whilst I am away or at work?

Of course! We appreciate that some clients are busy in meetings or travelling and do not want to be disturbed with updates. However, we also know that leaving your pet can be stressful or worrying, and you’d like to know how they are doing. 

For dog walking services how many dogs do you walk at a time?

Two, sometimes three if from a multi-dog household. We’ve all seen dog walkers around the London parks, stressed and huffing whilst dashing around after four or six (or more) out of control dogs.

So why only two or three and not the maximum NARPS recommended four? Not only does a big group sometimes encourage a ‘pack mentality’ and the associated behaviours and dangers of this, but each dog is different. Each dog wants to play a different game, amble at a different pace and socialise at different levels. 

Therefore, it is very important to keep walks to small groups; interactive, less travel time, enjoyable and SAFE for all concerned.

Do you offer one-to-one dog walks?

Yes, of course. Some elderly, unwell or less sociable dogs do not particularly enjoy company. Some people like to meet large groups of friends, others like to sit in a corner reading a book. Dogs are no different. If you feel your pet would benefit from quiet solo walks and less interaction with other animals or people get in touch. 

How long are the dog walks?

The walks are usually one hour from pick up to drop off. We also do more gentle shorter walks for elderly, young or very small dogs. PDSA gives some handy guidelines for walk times here https://www.pdsa.org.uk/taking-care-of-your-pet/looking-after-your-pet/puppies-dogs/how-much-exercise-does-your-dog-need

Where are the dog walks?

We always endeavour to find parks and walks as near to you as possible to reduce travel time. We also try to regularly alternate areas as we find variety is more stimulating and fun for the dogs. 

Do you walk the dogs off lead?

Off lead walking is always the end goal and we avoid parks and land where this is restricted. We will, however, perform initial walks on lead (where possible using a longer flexi-lead) until we are comfortable with your dog’s recall capabilities. We will discuss this with you and ensure you are happy with off lead walking before doing so. 

What do I need to do before my dog can be walked?

Firstly, all dogs out in public must have ID attached to their collar or harness. We can provide ID tags during our walks, but pets should also have tags with your name and phone number.

Secondly, law changes in April 2016 stated that dogs must be microchipped and therefore your dog must have a microchip to be considered for our services.

And lastly we will need details of your vet – address and phone number – so please ensure these are available.

Will you walk my dog whilst I’m away on holiday?

We do get asked this – only if someone is staying with the dog in your absence. Whilst Fee’s Pets does need to make enough pennies to cover treats and other associated costs, that doesn’t mean ethics should go out of the window. Money or not, it’s not fair on the dog to be left alone too long. If you are away for longer periods and have no other care in place then no, we’re afraid we cannot.

Can you do evening and weekend walks or visits?

Yes, diary permitting we can certainly try to arrange what you need. 

Can you do adhoc and regularly scheduled walks or visits?

Yes, we can do adhoc visits or set up longer term regular arrangements.  

Do you do pet boarding?

We are happy to collect and care for small caged pets. However, as we often have foster dogs and are out walking and feeding during the day, we do not usually offer dog or cat boarding services.

What areas do you cover?

We do dog walking, cat sitting and pet sitting in North London. If you aren’t sure if we cover your area send us a message and we’ll see what we can do. 

Are you fully insured, trained and DBS checked?

Yes. If you wish to see any certificates do let us know.